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What is Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology?

"Reflexology" refers to a range of techniques wherein, the peripheries of the body are treated, at the level of the skin, (i.e. the hands, feet, face, ears, eyes) in order to send a signal to the brain which in turn, sends a message to the organ, or to the limb affected by the symptom(s) we are experiencing.  

By working at the periphery, one can obtain a deeper inner response.  The more frequent this technique is applied, the more powerful it becomes.  Its basic purpose is to dissolve the energetic block that is at the root of all diseases and illnesses.  By putting the energy back into circulation we are able to restore balance of the entire body.

Compared to other reflexologies, Facial Reflexology is a relatively recent technique.  Originally known as 'Diem Cham', it was developed by Professor Bui Quoc Chau and originated in Vietnam about thirty years ago, though its roots are based in far more ancient tradition.

How does it work?

For any disturbance afflicting us, from the most to the least severe, Facial Reflexology is able to send a signal to the brain, which "reminds" the corresponding organ or system where the symptom originated, which is the correct way of functioning.  The principal transmission channel used in all reflexologies to transport information around the body is the nervous system.  It controls and coordinates all the other systems present in the body, giving order and harmony to the variety of living tissues.

The nervous system is responsible for receiving sensory information through the five sense organs, and for storing information derived from past experiences.  Notice that the five sense organs are found on the face: eyes (sight), nose (smell), ears (hearing), mouth (taste), and skin (touch). The nervous system is in constant communication with the body, it controls the endocrine, muscular and skeletal systems along with the immune, digestive, cardiovascular, reproductive, respiratory and urinary systems.

This way by stimulating points on the face, we are able to rewire our brain, returning to the frequency of health.

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