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Pure Radiance Membership

Let's face it, our lives are hectic.  If we don't have an appointment we can easily put some much needed TLC on the back burner.  Even then do we hesitate to make appointments for ourselves.  When you fill your cup, you are able to allow it to spill over and fill the cups of those around you.  Our skin is our largest organ.  You wouldn't wait to give your heart attention, neglect your liver or any other vital organ.  Why do it for your skin?  Your skin is a mere image of everything internally and can answer more questions or tell a story you might be quite surprised to know the answers.  Take the fuss out and sign up for Pure Radiance, think if it like your monthly skin health assessment. If you are looking to give your skin care + consistency then a membership is the perfect way to achieve lasting results.  As a valued member you can also take advantage of 15% off products to ensure your home care rituals sustain your results.  If you are interested in starting a Pure Radiance Membership, then contact Jordan to complete your membership contract. 

*See membership pricing in services.


Lash Lift

Buy 3 ($222) receive 3 FREE lash tints ($300 value)

Brow Shaping

#LetThemGrow ... Do you desire full natural brows? Put down those tweezers and get committed to your brows. Purchase 6 Brow Shaping treatments ($127) which include consultation to achieve brow shape for your facial structure, treatment plan, pre and post-wax preparation, and fill in with product if necessary.

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