Ear Seeds
Ear seeds? What the heck are they and do I need them? Ear seeds are a great way to take back or take control of your own health.  Did you know our ears are a microsystem of the entire body?! I know, who would have thought, right?  Meaning there are specific points in the ear that when stimulated can bring balance and harmony to that specific organ.  Ear seeds are a non-invasive, safe and effective way of stimulating those specific points in the body.  If you have ever experienced acupuncture you might be familiar but not to worry, there are not any needles involved.  Instead you have a super cute and stylish crystal to place in your ear and receive the benefits pain free! If you're thinking, can I do this? YES! All you have to do is peel, place and press.  By pressing the ear seed you are stimulating the specific point which is called auricular therapy. By purchasing the home kit it's like I am right there with you! You receive an image of where to place the seeds in your ear depending on the specific condition you are needing. If you do not see your specific condition needed then click HERE! Don't forget, I am always available if you need guidance on choosing which kit is right for you, general questions or you could always add-on to your next treatment in person.